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Maybe I should

Tell all your secrets

Make everyone hate you

Get everyone on my side

Scar your soul

Make you never want to talk again

Make you hate your life and everything in it

Be as cruel you are to me

Become hated

Maybe I could

Be the horrible person you say I am

Actually go through with fiendish actions

Trick and play people I love

Just down right scum

Maybe I would

Ignore you all together

Kill our friendship

Give you evil stares

Make your life a living hell

Act like we never met

Just treat you like worthless crap

But you know what?

I’m not

I’ll be the friend I promised to be

Be the friend you don’t deserve

Actually be a good person you say I’m not

Just be the man you will never be

I will prove you wrong

I’m a nice person

Wheather you know it or not

Maybe you will see

Maybe not

Maybe we will still be friends

Maybe not

Just maybe