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I need a manly man
Yeah I like when a guy can be sensitive
Show emotions
Deep conversations
But I don’t want a bitch
I’m the one with the vagina
So I can act like it!
I don’t like
Push over
Little boys
Be strong
Take control
Be assertive
Make decisions
Know what you want most of the time
Put me back in my place when I’m out of line
Do things that require your strength
Be stronger than me
Wrestle with me
Pin me down
Don’t hold back during sex
Don’t stop because you think you’re hurting me
Pain is good
I like pain
If I don’t feel pain
You’re not doing it right
Don’t talk to me like you’re my mom
Talk to me like
You like me
You love me
You want me
Don’t get a damn attitude with me
Control your anger
Never call me a bitch
When you’re the actual bitch
I like how you care about how you dress
But honey don’t wear jeans that are tighter than mine
Or wear jeans that look like mine
Hold me when I’m scared
Kiss my neck and even bite
Pain is good
Listen to my problems
Deal with me
Argue with me
But keep it private
Grab me
Squeeze me
Rub me
Hug me
You’re the man for a reason
Now act like it

Don’t be shy

I’m bored and all the people I text stopped texting me. Does anybody want to talk? We can talk about anything you want! Come on don’t be shy. 😏 I’m friendly, bubbly, and honest. Talk to me. 😁