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I love sassy gay guys. They’re like me but in a man’s body!


Me:  Maybe we can be together!
Them:  Are your feet wet?
Me:  No why?
Them:  Because you're standing in da Nile!
Me:  ...sooo that's a no?
Them:  Yeah that's a no.
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Ex Boyfriend Rant

You sack of shit. You waste of space. You fucking fuck fucktard. Fuck you. Fuck off. You chose a bullshit reason not to see me but chose to see some whore?!! You’re an assface. I thought you wanted to see me. I thought you wanted to be friends. But noooooooooo. You just wanted to play with me. You little bitch. MAN THE FUCK UP. You’re a sorry excuse for a man. Bitch ass fucktard. Little bitch. Bitch bitch bitch.
I am sorry for my language. I don’t mean all this. I just needed to rant to make me feel better. Thank you for reading.