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Hey people

Are you bored? Are you lonely? Are you angry? Are you heart broken? Are you depressed? Are you dealing with a problem? Do you just want to talk about ANYTHING?!!! Just message me. No one has to know or everyone knows. Your choice. Hit me up buttercups. 😘😏✌️🎉🍟


Hey guys I’m leaving this for a week. There’s a lot going on in my life that’s just really driving me crazy and getting to me. So for the benefit for my health I’m not using any of my social networks for an entire week! I need to get my mind right before college. I’m afraid if I don’t stabilize myself or start to conquer my demons I will do something I’ll regret deeply and won’t be able to change. Anyway I love you all! I just need space.
See you in a week!!!


Even after all this time, I’m still wishing you were mine… That’s the funny thing about love, a person can hurt you so damn badly to a point where you almost feel like hurling yourself in front of a car, but your heart is still filled with them, and you know you’d still do anything to make sure they feel nothing but happiness. I know how bad you’re hurting right now, and it kills me not to be able to wrap you up forever and just take you away from all the bullshit. 

And this is why I hate being in love. You know they made you feel like shit but they’re the only one that can make you feel better.

Is it sad that cartoons have a better love life than me?

"Just because something burns, doesn’t mean it’s bad for you."
"You will never be truly happy if you continuously hold onto the things that make you sad."
Biology and Love

Calling all biology majors! Calling all chemistry majors! Calling all science majors! I have an important question:
How do you balance a relationship and your school work? I visited the school I will be going to in the fall and oh my god. It was amazing! The classes cover so much of the science perspective and how it will cover the new MCAT but after a while I wondered… How do you manage a love life?! Like I’ve heard of the three S’s: school, social life, and sleep. You can only pick two. I want to pass the MCAT and go off to med school so I pick school and sleep. I know how to pick academics and sleep over friends already buuuuut I kinda have troubles with the opposite sex. I’ve been getting better not to be distracted by them but I’m not a saint. I get lonely and I have “urges”. Lol Actually when I was on my visit one of the head people in the biology department pointed out two attractive male students and said they were both bio students. She also informed me of a student that was doubled majored in Pre-Law and Pre-Med. When I met him he was extremely friendly, outgoing, and it was evident he was a we educated man. He was my ultimate weakness. I realized then, “how am I supposed to turn down my hormones around older social intelligent men?” That’s where I’m most concerned. I have to obtain a certain GPA for my scholarship and med school plus pass the MCAT but can I do that with a love life? We’re all adults here so I’ll say, I want to experiment sexually in college. To be comfortable with my sexuality and my interests. Could I do that and excel in the science field or wait till breaks to have some fun? Could I have a romantic relationship that satisfies my emotional needs or focus on my course work that’ll satisfy my career dreams? I just want to help people, save lives, explore science, and become a success.