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The aftermath

I’m happy you’ve moved on
I’m not on your mind anymore
You’ve found someone better
I admit it stings a bit
To see you gone
And done with me
It’s the best I guess
We both have someone
We’re splitting apart
What we had vanished
But the memories still float
I still love you
I’m still in love with you
But reality and the truth
Forbids everything
I just have to go back to the drawing board with my new guy
Pray that he doesn’t hurt me
Hope we stay happy for a long time
And guess he’ll always be by my side
At this point I’ve given up on a “us”
Now I’m focused on a “we”
Just me, him, and no you
It’s so hard to get over you
It’s hard to forget everything
It’s hard to deny my feelings
But it needs to be done
Or I will feel even worse later
This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done

The Seven Stages of Heart Break

One: Shock and Denial
I can’t believe this is happening
I thought everything was fine
Maybe I can fix things
Maybe things will work out after all
This is just a little bump in the road
Nothings wrong at all
Two: Pain and Guilt
My chest hurts
My stomach causes me pain
I can’t take this
I wish I would have gotten one last hug
I wish I didn’t move so fast
I wish I didn’t say that
Three: Anger and Bargaining
This happens every time
What am I do wrong?
Why does all this shit happen to me?
If things go back to normal,
I will
Not be clingy
Not be so desperate
Four: Depression, Reflection, Loneliness
I am such a loser
No one loves me
I deserve all the pain
I did see this coming
The signs were all there
How could I be so blind?
I have no one
Silence is my only friend
I feel so cold
Five: The Upward Turn
Maybe things aren’t so bad
Maybe things are supposed be like this
Maybe it’s ok to be alone
Maybe I can be okay
Maybe I don’t have to feel this pain
Maybe I can do this
Six: Resconstruction of life
I’m doing okay
I can sleep at night
Have fun
I can be myself
I can be happy
I can have a good life
Seven: Acceptance and Hope
Everything happens for a reason
It wasn’t meant to be
It’s fine to be alone
I will find what I’m looking for later
I will be happy with someone else
I will get through this

"I’m a goofy goober yeah
You’re a goofy goober yeah
We’re all goofy goobers yeah
Goofy goofy goober goober yeah!"
-SpongeBob SquarePants
Playing with fire

A long time ago
I started a fire
At first it was little mischievous fun
Then I began to add twigs
Then sticks
Finally I threw in a branch
A bunch of people told me things
To put out the fire
That it was a waste of fuel
That it wasn’t good how it burned me
To stop before it was too late
I didn’t listen
Even though the fire hurt me
It was all I had in the world
My best times were with the fire
I let it burn before it changed
It let me go for some new fuel
I sampled new flames in my spare time
But they would never have my interest
Not like my true blaze
One day the flames came blowing back
This time though
It was a different
Sadly overall no spark
What happened?
Now I have nothing but a fire
That’s shrinking
Soon enough it will go out
But I will keep a ember in my heart
To remember it all
Oh my sweet fire
You scarred my mind
My heart
My soul
But I will never forget anything
I will always love your warmth
Now I have to wait it out
To see when to stomp it all out
Or save the flame
It’s up to you fire
To decide if you want to be saved